1 Year Anniversary!

Hello! Oh my goodness so I have been looking forward to writing this blog for a while, it’s been a whole year since I started this blog!

Wow! 1 year… okay so obviously this post doesn’t have a specific topic but I thought I might write about what I’ve learnt or gained in the past year from having this blog.

So creating this blog has been accidentally the best decision I could have made for myself! I have learnt so much about myself and discovered what I enjoy!

How I created this blog?

Okay last year I did a lot of different online courses, unsure of what I wanted to do but just trying find something I’m passionate about. So I did a journalism course because I’ve always loved writing and did enjoy it but couldn’t relate to any topics I needed to write about, but had it in my head that I would become a freelance journalist and write about astrology/ or crystals. This didn’t end up happening because I realised it would be difficult to write what I wanted to and pay my bills. I also did a course on crystals and there purposes, I then decided I wanted a proper career so I decided to go to college to study psychology and eventually have my own practice.

It soon became obvious that psychology was just something I’m interested in because of my own mental health and I had no way of affording university so I decided that wasn’t going to be possible either, plus there still was this feeling it just wasn’t the right path for me.

So after all this, I was feeling really frustrated and confused about what I wanted to do and the only thing I was certain about was my love of spirituality which at the time I couldn’t see being a job so I just sat in my defeat and confusion for a while.

I started having these outbursts of frustration a lot and realised it’s because of my uncertainty because I always knew I didn’t want to just have a job to pay for a home and a family, that’s not the life I wanted so I was determined to find my passion. I had an epiphany moment when I realised my passion is spirituality! But all aspects, astrology, crystals, herbalism, Runic study, magic and nature. But this annoyed me even more because I had no idea how any of these could become something I talk or study for a living.

So I talked to my Auntie about why I was frustrated and that I had too many thing I wanted to do, and she said I should start a blog!

I will always remember that day, because right after she said this, I went upstairs and searched ‘how to make a blog’ and discovered WordPress, and that same night I brought a domain and started EmilysPerspective! For the first time I had no doubts that it was something I had to do and was the perfect way for me to be creative and talk about everything I love.

What I’ve learnt so far?

I’ve learnt a lot from this this blog in the past year, but mainly I never would have thought all those questions I had would have been answered through having this blog!

I’ve discovered that writing really is something I love and on here I have the freedom to write about whatever I’m passionate about or share my opinions on all kinds of things. There’s no real limit and that’s the reason I chose to call it “EmilysPerspective” which I literally just came up with when I had to create a domain but couldn’t be a more perfect name as this really has become my place to write about my life and my ‘perspective’ on situations or my interests and beliefs.

The other thing to come from this blog is that I have discovered what I want to do. As I said I spent a while frustrated with not knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted a career because I couldn’t imagine haven’t a 9/5 job if I wasn’t happy. So thanks to this blog, I’ve learnt so much about how to start a website/ business and if I hadn’t started this, I’m pretty sure I would have taken so much longer to realise this and connect the dots or might have never.

Discovering spirituality really saved my life and I will never forget that and my mantra is that “everything happens for a reason” nothing is without purpose and it’s so true because starting this blog has given me so much more than I could have imagined. I had no real expectations coming to this, and it really became the greatest gift, and have managed to learn so much about myself and found what impact I want to leave in this world.

Okay thank you so much if you’ve read this to the end! I’m so glad I made this blog a year ago and hope the next year will be even more enjoyable and can share much more stories and things I’m passionate about with you!

See you in the next blog, bye.

Published by emilysperspectives

Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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