Full Moon/ Mercury Retrograde

Hello, I’m back today with a blog about the upcoming Full moon tomorrow on the 10th September! This full moon is set to reach its peak at 10:00.AM, BST in the U.K. and is going to be an emotionally charged one for a lot of us!

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Okay so I’m a little bit late for this but the Full moon this month is an exciting one! There is a lot of energy going on currently and astrological alignments happening that’s making everything stronger than usual. The main event that’s happening in conjunction with the full moon at the same time is the Mercury retrograde! Which is going to be stirring up a lot for us and making it an emotionally changed time.

Pisces Full moon

Okay so firstly we have the full moon which begins as the moon rises at 7:56pm tonight but reaches its peak at 10:00A.M (BST) which is when the energy will take full effect.

So this full moon is in Pisces which is a sign that is represented by the element of water. Now water embodies emotions and healing. With this Pisces is also ruled by the planet Neptune which represents an Earth energy, so we may be getting a lot of emotional feelings appearing for us currently but also a real grounding energy and a want to go back to our roots.

Full moons are one of the most powerful times astrologically as it’s a time of learning, growing & releasing. This is a time to take advantage of the energy shift and transform with it. Now this Full moon is also called the Harvest Full moon, now this is because it’s closest to the autumn equinox and a time where farmers do most of their harvesting. What does this represent symbolically? It’s represents a time for you to ‘harvest’ what you want in life, the previous full moon to to discover and acknowledge what you want, this full moon is a time to go and get it, it’s a time to take action in your own life and spiritual well-being.

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Mercury Retrograde

It’s Mercury retrograde season! That time that everyone loves but fears! This retrograde starts from the 9th September- 2nd October, and will be in conjunction with the full moon this month.

Mercury retrogrades are a very challenging time for a lot of people because it feels like chaos is happening! It’s a very strong energy for change, this Mercury retrograde is centred around ‘Reflection’ so you may feel a real want to look back on experiences or situations, you may also have a real want to change your circumstances or create something new and different. This is a great opportunity for people to start to really manifest! Manifestation is one of the best ways to get some control and create a real change for yourself during this time because the energy is a strong at this time, there couldn’t be a better moment to spend the whole period of time of this retrograde manifesting what you really want or are passionate about. I will write another blog all about Mercury retrogrades and their meaning soon.

What this all means?

So there’s A LOT going on at the moment and a lot of people are feeling it, firstly this Pisces full moon is focused on energy, I wrote a blog Energy Transferring explaining how we tend to take on lots of people’s energy without realising and this Full moon is a time to release that and clear it because it doesn’t serve you and you need to re-centre your self, ground yourself and recognise where your heading. Also a time to take action on things you want to do, passions, hobbies, interests that your soul loves, focusing on your soul path and passions. Now the Mercury retrograde is going to come in and disrupt that energy a bit because the Mercury retrograde may have you feeling stuck or feeling unable to do what you really enjoy but you have to push through this and recognise as the retrograde will also bring in the energy for you to eventually focus and have great self discovery!

Full moon/ Retrograde tools

Okay so things that you can do to help you during this time is lots of journaling is great for reflection, self discovery, and healing. Also meditation is great during this time for intuition which we will need with so much energy around us, also walking in nature to ground ourselves, working with crystals also for intuition/grounding/spiritual growth, also this is an amazing time to manifest which I can’t stress enough with such strong energy now is a perfect time to manifest all your dreams!

Also this is a great time for fellow witches because there’s so much spell work to do during this time and working with the energy and connecting to it.

I hope this is helpful! There is a lot going on at the moment and it does feel a bit overwhelming sometimes but remember to acknowledge but don’t let it shake yourself or surroundings.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it, Happy Full moon and good luck during this Mercury retrograde!

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