Nature Spirits

Hello so I’m back today to talk about a really personal experience that happened to me a few while ago! I hope you enjoy!

So I have always loved nature and been a ‘earthy spirit’ but didn’t really find a connection with it until I was around 18 years old. I went more detail in Lessons From Nature where I talked about my teenage freedom in exploring forests and fields.

This experience I’m going to write about, I have held off on sharing because it was an extremely powerful moment for me and wanted to just remain in gratitude and process it but now the time feels right to share it with you, so here goes nothing!

Nature spirits

Nature spirits; also known as Earth spirits, elementals, tree spirits, forest spirits, water spirits, fairies, nymphs, gnomes or dryads. These are spirits that belong to our world but not necessarily originally from here, to keep the balance and help us humans out.

We have all heard of these spirits at some time in our lives in history, folklore or tales. They are apart of all religions around the world in some form and have been apart of our history for thousands of years. Some of these nature spirits are classified as “evil” or “troublesome” and some are supposedly here to keep the balance of nature and peace with the elements.

My experience

Okay so my experience happened on the 21st January so just over a month and a half ago.

From what I remember I had no plan of going out that day but I suddenly looked out my window at the sunset and just had this pull to nature, so off I went. It’s not unusual for me to just get strong urges to go and head for nature so I didn’t think anything of it.

I was walking around the field near my home, I hadn’t gone very far, the sun was really setting at this point and there were lots of people around walking or with there dogs.

I looked to my left at the end of the field when I saw this dark figure walking over this small hill, because it was getting dark I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but it must of only been about 3ft tall and was completely black. I initially started looking for an adult because I thought it had to be a child but there was no one else around. It was like a normal human but had no face, looked like a shadow and was just walking around the field which is what was confusing me, I began looking around if anyone else could see what I was seeing but no one was noticing this figure so my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go up to it.

I started walking but it seemed to move so fast and I was far away so I just decided to run to catch it. Just up ahead of this hill it was walking on is a beautiful oak tree that I have put at the top of this blog. Eventually this figure went behind this tree, so I stopped because it had disappeared and waited for it for a few seconds to come out from behind the tree but it didn’t so I kept walking until I got to this oak tree. I couldn’t believe it but this figure had vanished! I went walking into the bushes and looked round the field but this figure truly had gone, so I went back to the tree hysterically laughing out of shock and disbelief at what I had just witnessed.

After I had processed this, the only this I could think of is that I saw a nature spirit who lived in the tree. I’ve always felt a strong energy and often do sit under this tree in contentment. I was so ecstatic I called my auntie to tell her what had just happened, I was still not certain and really confused but from where I was standing it would have been impossible for this figure walk away without my seeing it go so rationally I was trying to explain it but I just couldn’t come up with an explanation.

At this point it was really dark so I gave the tree a hug and thanked Mother Earth for the experience of a lifetime, I always knew my connection to nature ran in my veins but this was absolutely beautiful and magical.

I will never forget that moment and that spirit is imprinted in mind permanently, It had two legs and two arms and just was walking around completely unbothered by the human life around, it was so familiar with its human attributes but not of this earth.

I don’t know why I saw this on that day and now I always look out for the figure every time I go onto that field. I am under the impression that this was a nature spirit/tree spirit but have also heard that ghosts can live in trees as well.

Mother Earth is precious and beyond our current form of understanding, that I would never doubt anything. Although I don’t think I would have believed this story if it won’t for seeing it with my own eyes because I knew that nature spirits were considered real in spiritualism, but didn’t know if I believed in it and now I am completely a believer because as hard as I have tried, I can not come up with an explanation or rational answer as to what happened that day.

I hope this story was interesting or at least entertaining for you and please next time you are in nature, be thankful and give the earth some love as she nothing short of a miracle!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any experiences with nature spirits please feel free to share your story with me as I would love to hear! You can write a comment in my blog or message me on Instagram at Emilysperspectives.

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