My Mindset And Wellness Evening

Hello so I’m back with another post about an event I went to just tonight, involving meditation, yoga and mindset awareness.

Photography from my nature walk.

Okay so tonight I went to an event which I was invited to by my auntie Sarah as she was going and said I should go along too.

This event was not specifically spiritual but attracts those kinds of people on that vibration. So my auntie has been to a sound bath before but I have never been to anything like this and was really excited to experience it.

So the event started by an introduction and mindfulness talk where people come up and talk if they wanted to, which this one woman came up and spoke about her struggles with mental health, society and her personal spiritual awakening which was really beautiful and really empowering! This conversation was so relatable and I really connected with what she was saying. They then read a poem by the event leader’s mother which was truly beautiful. We then did some group Hatha Yoga which was cool and I think is where I began to get comfortable and release any anxiety I was having about being in a social/ group situation, everyone was so friendly and just there to let go of there own problems and find some peace so it was a great atmosphere.

After this we had a little break then went on to a Cacao ceremony which is to connect you to your inner self on a higher vibration, they made this pure Peruvian cacao drink with orange essential oil. It was a strange flavour but the woman leading called it plant medicine which I thought was lovely and a great way to describe this drink. So once we had all sat and drank the Cacao we began the breath work meditation which was really amazing and was a whole new experience for me. To be in that energy of releasing all that does not serve you and letting go of ego or problems in a group setting was really incredible. I personally was struggling at first because I was feeling anything and just found myself staring at the ceiling in a sort of trance, but I soon found myself doing the breathing and it really felt awesome just to let go of all my troubles.

We then moved on to the sound bath which really brought me to a different peace and comfortability I haven’t felt for a long time. So she told us to envision that we were in a forest and this was really cool for me and I have have always had this forest in my mind which is where I would love to live one day on my own in nature, so this is what I visualised. You could really feel that the energy of the room was really powerful and you peaceful, at one point though I did experience this strange sensation where I just felt this ice cold feeling slowly go from my head all through my body which was interesting. We then ended the evening with a chat about releasing anger and resentment then we heard another poem and then went on to talk to each other and just getting to know people, which is nice as you have all just had this amazing experience and are all on the same vibration.

Overall for my first time I think it was really lovely and was just what I was needing. We got to meet people who are likeminded as us and just want to do better for themselves and let go of ego and societal beliefs, there was a good mix of people which I think was cool and it was all women!

I think because it was all women that it definitely did feel very connective and like a nice positive, safe community. I honestly would recommend going to an event like this to everyone even if you’re not spiritual as I think it’s open to all beliefs and isn’t one sided. This truly was an amazing experience for me and something that I have been wanting to be for such a long time so I’m really grateful I got the chance to go. I think this also taught me and showed me that I can go into situations like this and it’s not going to be absolutely terrible helped me one step further in conquering my anxiety and getting out of my comfort zone!

This is a short blog post but just wanted to share this experience with you and maybe if you’re reading this, it might encourage you to go and find groups similar that are just about positivity and being mindful.

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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