Lessons From Nature

Hello so today I woke up with such strong feelings and thoughts about nature and my personal connection to earth and felt like it would be a great blog post to talk about!

So our connection to nature…. it’s a really deep and personal topic for me as I sort of had an epiphany during 2020 in the midst of the crazy pandemic that founded my beliefs now about Mother Earth and us as humans.

Photography from my time at Salcey forest.

Our relationship to nature is in our DNA but throughout time and history as humans we have gotten smarter and more intelligent. This was amazing and we have discovered some incredible things but we had to sacrifice our connection to our planet and the earth. We built skyscraper cities and created technology so that we can talk to people thousands of miles away or share what we have done that day with the whole world, but it has really disconnected us from nature and our understanding of life.

I know I went into a little bit about my spiritual journey in Welcome To My Blog! Where I talked about how I’ve always kind of had a relationship with nature, unknowingly or not. So in 2020 when the pandemic hit I didn’t leave my house for about 3 months, literally only went into the garden but that was it. It was only causing me more anxiety having cabin fever and a complete lack of reality on society anymore that I had to just leave the house! Needless to say it went terrible and I had a meltdown when I got home as I just couldn’t understand what had become of me or the world. So a while later I decided to make it smaller but go to the park 5 minutes away from my house. I hadn’t really recognised nature in such a long time that I felt the need to cry as it was like a big hug from the earth that I had no idea I needed!

Anyway I know I’ve gone off on a little tangent but I’ve always thought back to that as the start of my epiphany I had and still are having a year later.

Photography from the day I went back into the world!

So to get back on track! Throughout my life I’ve always heard people say that our connection to nature is primal and I have never agreed more about this than now.

Me and my auntie were talking once about travelling and places we would like to visit and she said “this is my home and I would like to see it” and I will never forget this because at the time it felt so powerful but now I carry this as my sort of life goal, I want to see my home!

So basically my epiphany last year was that we are not separated from nature. I know this might not seem really earth shattering when it’s said like that but I think there are far too many people that are lost, depressed or angry in this world and are probably missing something. I mean when I was 18 I was seriously struggling with depression but I remember the moment I knew I was finding myself again is the day I was in a car and started smiling my face off just looking out at the trees. Since then I have always recognised that I am my true self when I am in nature away from people and the busy world we live in nowadays.

There is something extremely powerful for me personally about being in nature surrounding by plants, trees or water. I never noticed this more than when people talk about how there worst nightmare would be being stranded somewhere, like in a forest or on an island with no humanity around. When I think about this I just feel this sense of understanding and peace, because the earth will work with you if you learn to listen and respect nature. Through my personal spiritual journey I think this has been the most powerful lesson I’ve had to learn is that everything is connected and so are we.

The moon controls the oceans, the ocean are what brought plants and trees onto land, then sun helps keep the plants alive and thriving along with water, if it weren’t for the plants us humans and animals would not exist. That is the simplest way we all are connected thanks to the earth, moon and sun!

So I think this is all I have to say about this topic and thank you for reading! I hope everyone who reads this wakes up tomorrow and starts there day by practicing gratitude. Be grateful for breathing, living, experience life and being one soul in this world who gets to see this beautiful planet!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it was interesting, let me know if you would want to hear more about this topic as I could talk forever about it! Thank you.

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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