My Experience With Crystals

Hello so I’m back again with another post this time about crystals. This has taken me a while to really think about and write as there is so much I could talk about. Another day I might go into it fully and how you can use crystals in a deeper sense from what I’ve learnt so far.

Fluorite pyramid crystals

So I discovered crystals when I was kid and the truth is I’ve always been around them, I just never really thought much about it.

When I was young when I would go round to my auntie’s house I always remember there being crystals around and it bringing me so much peace just staring at them and they felt so magical but I never thought to ask about them. Then when I got older around 8 years old I went on a school trip to a museum and in the gift shop I brought my first crystal. I just saw it and I don’t know what made me buy it but it was a rose quartz crystal which I still have to this day.

Then when I was 17 it was may auntie again who showed me her crystal collection and at this point I had looked a bit into what they are for and I was just very drawn to them, so a while later I went to a crystal shop with her and brought more crystals and since then I have learnt so much more than I could have imagined.

At this point 3 years later I have just over 20 crystals in my collection from quartz to pebbles and stones. I have quartz, amethyst, fluorite, labradorite, pyrite, obsidian, selenite and moonstone in different forms. They all are special to me because I got each of them in a certain time in my life when I needed them to heal me, guide me, or so I could learn from them.

So if you’re getting a bit confused on how crystals can guide you or how you can learn from them, don’t worry we are going to get into all that.

So everything in the natural world has an energy force (including us humans) so this includes crystals. When you buy new crystals they have not been used before so you have to cleanse and charge them. So how you cleanse your crystals is a personal choice but the main ways are water, salt or sunlight. You do this because many people may have held your crystal before you and you don’t want there energy around but this is a personal preference. Then you have to charge your crystals and the main way of doing this is moonlight, intentions or meditation. My way is I sit with with my new crystal and envision white light shining all the way through the stone igniting it’s energy, I then tell the crystal what I need help with. You don’t have to cleanse and charge all new crystals but I always charge them because then there’s energy being created.

So there are many uses and ways to benefit from using or having crystals around you. In my last post I talked about using crystals during a full moon because they charge your intentions into the new moon but there are many other purposes. You can hold a crystal when meditating and feel it’s peaceful energy, you can take crystals such as pyrite, obsidian or clear quartz with you when you leave the house or in a car because they are great protective stones. Possibly the most popular use for crystals is too leave some under you pillow when you are sleeping as stones such as clear quartz, amethyst or selenite are great for dream work and if you need any guidance from angels, also these stones are great to stop repetitive nightmares and help you get a good nights sleep.

I hope this has been helpful or interesting as there is so much more to all of this which I will get round to talking about but for now I thought this would be a good start as of to what I know so far and I hope it will maybe help someone who likes crystals but isn’t sure how to get started or how to use them properly but you can always get creative there are endless ways.

I hope you liked this post and it was interesting as they may be more to come on this. Thanks for reading!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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