June New Moon

Hello, so I’m back today with another blog, about this upcoming new moon on Wednesday 29th June. This new moon is arriving tomorrow morning on 29th June and is set to peak at 3:52 AM in the UK. So this new moon this month is in star sign Cancer which is ruled by the elementContinue reading “June New Moon”

New Moon In Sagittarius!

Hello so I’m back with another blog about the moon! Happy New moon everyone! Okay so this New moon is in…. Sagittarius! Yay it’s my new moon as I am a Sagittarius moon sign. The last couple of days have been rather crazy so I thought I would lend a hand to help understand what’sContinue reading “New Moon In Sagittarius!”

Celebrating The New Moon

Hello so today it felt appropriate to have a follow up from my post Celebrating The Full Moon and talk about the new moon which is tonight in the star sign, Libra which is all happening during the current Mercury retrograde! So we all know about the full moon but I don’t think many realiseContinue reading “Celebrating The New Moon”