1 Year Anniversary!

Hello! Oh my goodness so I have been looking forward to writing this blog for a while, it’s been a whole year since I started this blog! Wow! 1 year… okay so obviously this post doesn’t have a specific topic but I thought I might write about what I’ve learnt or gained in the pastContinue reading “1 Year Anniversary!”

Where Have I Been?

Hello… so I’m back and I’m really sorry it’s been a while since I posted anything, It’s been the strangest time in my life and wanted to just write sort of a journal blog today to get back into this whilst I come up with some new ideas for the blog! Okay so where haveContinue reading “Where Have I Been?”

Energy Transferring

Hi so I’m back today with a blog post about something that I’ve known about for a long time but never felt so strongly about as right now, so today I am going to write about energy and energy transfers. So I have been observing myself over the last month as I am now livingContinue reading “Energy Transferring”

Dark Night Of The Soul

Hello! So I’m back with another blog today but I’d like to apologise for the random posts at the moment, I have been trying to get into a routine but I’ve been finding it hard. Hopefully I will get on track soon! Okay so…. “The dark night of the soul” this is a term thatContinue reading “Dark Night Of The Soul”

The Seven Chakras

Hello so apologies that it’s been a while! I’m back today with a post about Chakras! I’ve mentioned this a few times but never actually wrote a blog about them, so here it is! Okay so firstly, Chakras are 7 energy points located throughout the body that when energised, are believed to balance out theContinue reading “The Seven Chakras”

Mental Health & Spirituality

Hello so mental health is a big topic but today I wanted to talk about my own personal experiences within this, and how spirituality played a huge role in my personal healing of my mind. Okay so I was always an anxious child and preferred my own company ever since I can remember. I amContinue reading “Mental Health & Spirituality”