New Home, New Me!

Hello! So I’m back today with a bit of a life update and please bare with me as this is sort of just me journaling but thought I would share it on here as maybe someone will relate to how I’ve been feeling lately. Okay so the biggest sort of news is that I haveContinue reading “New Home, New Me!”

The Elements

Hello so I’m back again today with a blog about the elements and especially the 5th element in relation to witchcraft and philosophy, this is something that I have been studying at the moment and this something I carry with me in life and in my witchcraft practice. Okay so I have been studying theContinue reading “The Elements”

My Magickal journey So Far!

Hello so today I’m back with another post and I’m really excited and nervous to write this blog post, as it is something I’m truly passionate about and is an important part of my life but also something I like to keep close to me and don’t really share with many which is my journeyContinue reading “My Magickal journey So Far!”