Energy Transferring

Hi so I’m back today with a blog post about something that I’ve known about for a long time but never felt so strongly about as right now, so today I am going to write about energy and energy transfers. So I have been observing myself over the last month as I am now livingContinue reading “Energy Transferring”

The Seven Chakras

Hello so apologies that it’s been a while! I’m back today with a post about Chakras! I’ve mentioned this a few times but never actually wrote a blog about them, so here it is! Okay so firstly, Chakras are 7 energy points located throughout the body that when energised, are believed to balance out theContinue reading “The Seven Chakras”

Types Of Crystals

Hello so I’m back again with another post and I’ve decided to talk about crystals but certain ones that I own, what their purposes are and my experience with each of them! So this is a sort of follow up from my other post My Experience With Crystals where I talked about how I discoveredContinue reading “Types Of Crystals”