Full Moon/ Mercury Retrograde

Hello, I’m back today with a blog about the upcoming Full moon tomorrow on the 10th September! This full moon is set to reach its peak at 10:00.AM, BST in the U.K. and is going to be an emotionally charged one for a lot of us! Okay so I’m a little bit late for thisContinue reading “Full Moon/ Mercury Retrograde”

The Elements

Hello so I’m back again today with a blog about the elements and especially the 5th element in relation to witchcraft and philosophy, this is something that I have been studying at the moment and this something I carry with me in life and in my witchcraft practice. Okay so I have been studying theContinue reading “The Elements”

June New Moon

Hello, so I’m back today with another blog, about this upcoming new moon on Wednesday 29th June. This new moon is arriving tomorrow morning on 29th June and is set to peak at 3:52 AM in the UK. So this new moon this month is in star sign Cancer which is ruled by the elementContinue reading “June New Moon”

Strawberry Super Full Moon

Hello, apologies that it’s been a while! I don’t really have any excuses other than struggling for inspiration at the moment to write, but I am back now for this month’s Full moon! Okay so I’m my last blog Super Flower Blood Moon I mentioned that we are currently in “eclipse season” and that continuesContinue reading “Strawberry Super Full Moon”

Super Flower Blood Moon

Hello! So it’s been a while but I’m back! I apologise this one will be short as I have Covid and not really feeling like myself. That being said I knew I had to write today as this month’s full moon is coming up this Monday, May 16th at 12:14 AM, in the UK! OkayContinue reading “Super Flower Blood Moon”

1st Full Moon Of 2022

Hello so here we are again for the first Full moon of 2022, also some information on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde tomorrow! The next few days are going to be exciting so let’s get into it. So here in the Uk, January’s first Full moon is taking place at 11.48pm on the 17th January. ThisContinue reading “1st Full Moon Of 2022”

New Moon In Sagittarius!

Hello so I’m back with another blog about the moon! Happy New moon everyone! Okay so this New moon is in…. Sagittarius! Yay it’s my new moon as I am a Sagittarius moon sign. The last couple of days have been rather crazy so I thought I would lend a hand to help understand what’sContinue reading “New Moon In Sagittarius!”