8 Months With Cocoa

Hello so I’m back today with an update on Cocoa! Because to my surprise a lot of people seemed to have loved my bog Update On Cocoa! so I thought I would give a little update on her and what’s new in her life.

Okay so Cocoa & I have had some pretty big life changes such as it being our first month living on our own in a new flat, so everything has been a bit different for her and she’s a little less attention than usual. That being said I have noticed a few things with her and how she’s been doing.

So as some of you may know, I adopted Cocoa as a 1 year old hamster, her previous owners didn’t want her anymore and said she was a “biter”, so I have already had 5 hamster and knew I would be able to handle her plus I just felt so bad for her as you shouldn’t buy animals if your not fully committed to taking care of them, regardless of the animal.

Okay so how has Cocoa been? She’s been doing very well and has become much more comfortable with me over the last few months, we have a good trust between us now which has taken a long time since her age and her previous owners have made it difficult to connect with her. She is also, given her age, becoming a lot slower which i have noticed over the last month. She’s not that interested in going on her wheel or running about as much anymore, but these are all normal signs of age in a hamster so I’m not too worried.

The past two weeks though I have been struggling to get her to eat a good amount of food for her size, now I’m not sure if this is also due to age as she’s not loosing any weight and is still looking very healthy, but she just doesn’t seem to have a big appetite.

This all being said, she has been doing very well, like I mentioned already, we have moved into a new home in the last month so she has been acting a little different and been a bit more on edge. The first few days she was coming out of her bed because of every little sound, and at one point I found her in the morning frozen in one spot because I must have spooked her as she was still scared of every sound. So that was interesting to observe as I didn’t know if she would really notice the change of environment but to my surprise, she really did and really honed her senses for the first couple days and relied on instinct but I guess I was as well. Since then I’ve let her run around a couple times in the flat just to get her used to the new smells and environment and since then she has become much calmer and relaxed and I think she is loving the quiet time she’s getting!

Our new home also didn’t have a tv so it was very quiet first week which gave me time to get to watch her and understand her patterns. It’s also given her the opportunity to pay attention to when I’m around which has been fun to watch as whenever I come near her she will always come out to see me which is very cute! She has also learnt her name now which is really sweet because if I call her she will get up or look around, so she’s definitely found her comfortability and safety with me now which is great to see, considering how nervous and unresponsive she was when I first brought her home.

Okay so that’s all I have to say about Cocoa I think, I hope you have enjoyed the update on her and how she has been doing, 8 months with her.

Thank you for reading and hope this was a fun sort a blog, I love my little hamster and am happy to write about her any time! Bye, see you in the next blog!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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