The Elements

Hello so I’m back again today with a blog about the elements and especially the 5th element in relation to witchcraft and philosophy, this is something that I have been studying at the moment and this something I carry with me in life and in my witchcraft practice.

The pentagram symbolism

Okay so I have been studying the elements lately and how they are connected and represented in witchcraft, so this gave me an idea to write a blog on this as it’s truly fascinating, especially understanding the 5th element.

Okay so as many probably already know, there are four elements: Earth, Water, Fire & Air, now this is going to be based on my witchcraft beliefs but is also believed in other witchcraft practices and philosophies. So speaking in witchcraft terms, it is believed there are four elements that make the pentagram making this symbol linked to nature and a representation of balance which is how I use it in my craft.

Earth Element

Okay starting of with the earth element which is probably the element I work with most as it’s the one I feel most connected to. So the Earth element is the element I think we all know best as it’s as it’s the place we live and interact with every day, Earth represents creation as a whole. If we look at our Earth, we can see how everything is connected from the trees, the plants, the animals, even as simple as how coral reefs and kelp forest are a split image of of our forests and fields, it’s absolutely incredible and unexplainable to us as human beings that we just have to stand back in appreciation. If you look close enough, earth/nature is a representation of our universe and that’s why my favourite quote is always.

“Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better.”

-Albert Einstein

This quote couldn’t be more true and something I have definitely discovered over the years, the more time I spend in nature on my own, I feel more connected and understand every so much clearly.

Water Element

Okay the second element is Water, Now this is an element we don’t really connect with to much other than emotionally I personally think. Funnily enough water gives life to earth as nothing on earth would be alive without it, including animals and humans. the water element represents life, survival, transformation, adapting the your environment. I think looking from retrospective, that is what it represents, but I think as humans we tend to look at water from a much more emotional perspective as we cannot physically survive in the water so we connect with it in different way. These being that we may see the water/ocean/river as being strong, peaceful, misunderstood, graceful, a place a calm, this is also shown is astrology as water signs are shown as being very emotional, care free, kind, but a bit explosive when upset which explains how the ocean is perfectly as well! I just was writing about this in my last blog post for the New moon as it was in Cancer which is a water sign, it was an emotionally charged period of time. The element is also directly linked to the moon as it is the moon that causes ocean waves so the element of water is also kind of connected to the universe.

Fire Element

Okay next is fire! now element has always been a bit of a mystery to me which is strange as my moon sign is in the element of fire. so for this element I might just be rambling out of confusion, as throughout my studies of the fire element I couldn’t really come to a conclusion as of to what it’s connected to as Earth, water and air all are connected in some way to the universe, my brain can’t seem to comprehend how fire was created or came about, so please bare with me.

okay so Fire element is interesting as it is represents strength and destruction but spiritually it represents passion, creativity, purification, rebirth and power. now I dont work with the fire element that much in my craft but that is probably how i chose to see it most as my head wants to explode trying to figure out how fire possibly came about in this universe, but I suppose fire is indirectly connected to the sun, which is a sort of beautiful juxtaposition between fire & water as water in connected directly to the moon and fire connected directly to the sun, sun and moon are two complete opposites and counter each other out and the same goes for fire and water and they also counter each other out as on cannot be if the other is present.

Air Element

The forth element is Air, now this element is one we are constantly in contact with, as its our very life force! every plant, animal, human, drop of water cannot be without air. Air represents life, creation, clarity and purpose. Air is an interesting element and it is directly linked to space, universe and cosmos. this element is a very powerful force and can be positive but also very destructive, balance is key. The air element is often talked about in spirituality as being a direct connection to our spirit guides, angels and creator/universe/God. although “air” is all around us, it’s the hardest element to connect to as it represents spirituality and not all humans are at a stage to connect to the energy or space. If your sign is an air element, you may find it hard to connect to your sign as our world is so fast paced and isn’t always focused on spirituality, it’s become something you have to make time for which I think is completely wrong and something that has damaged humans as a whole from our soul being and purpose.

Artwork by- Dima Nosenko

The Fifth Element: Aether

Okay so finally the fifth element which is considered to be slightly controversial as to whether it should be considered. So the 5th element is Aether! This element sort of makes everything make sense and connects all the the elements together as one. Aether is spirit, it is God, it is soul, it is Universe, it is Earth, Water, Fire, Air combined to create what we call our cosmos, our universe, our existence. It represents everything but yet somehow is also a separate entity, it’s the element not many can truly connect to as in comes from within but also from looking out and seeing how our universe is connected to everything.

Okay so thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post and its was interesting or made you want to go out into nature (because it did for me!)

Thank you, see you in the next blog.

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