June New Moon

Hello, so I’m back today with another blog, about this upcoming new moon on Wednesday 29th June.

This new moon is arriving tomorrow morning on 29th June and is set to peak at 3:52 AM in the UK.

So this new moon this month is in star sign Cancer which is ruled by the element of water and funnily enough is ruled by the moon which will inevitably make this new moon even stronger.

Cancer star signs are notoriously very emotion driven signs and also can have a very feminine energy as well. That means that we are definitely going to feel all the emotions the next couple of days, the good, bad and the ugly! Which I think is coming to fruition a lot at the moment as I’m sensing a lot more anxiety, sadness and frustration in people I know at this time.

I myself have just moved into my new home finally! With this comes a lot of releasing and moving on but has come at the time of this very emotion heavy new moon which is becoming very overwhelming at times but I have to keep going with the motions and reminding myself that it’s not me but transitioning into a new life, environment and a strong astrological event happening that I have no control over and is going to eventually probably benefit me to release everything I’m feeling good or bad.

Now cancer is also ruled by the moon which is also a feminine energy so that may be a very important factor to remember, which is that is females may feel much more inherently connected to ourselves and sexuality at this time and men may feel this urge to connect with people and be more vulnerable too, and this can only be a positive and healing process.

So this New Moon is looking like it will be a rather positive, healing time and the word “transformative” has been in my head whilst writing this and that couldn’t be a better word to describe it.

So how do we connect and channel this energy? Well New moons are the time to manifest, work on our life passions and step into who we are on a soul level. This is going to be an amazing time to manifest whatever it is you truly desire in life no matter how big or small, what have you got to lose? This is also a great time to do some inner self work and maybe do some journaling, if your struggling with something or someone now is the time to get guidance on how to cope with this. Also now is a great opportunity to connect with nature and water as Cancer sign is connected to the element of water and can be a very strong defining feeling so maybe go down to the beach or make a lovely bath/shower to just relax and be at peace with yourself.

I apologise this is a short blog post today but I’m stupidly busy at the moment with work, unpacking my new home and trying to keep on top off everything else that life is throwing my way but I think I’m going to have a lot more time for this blog very soon so hopefully there will be more frequent posts and I’ve managed to break out of my writers block and have lots of things to talk about!

Thank you for reading this, enjoy this New moon and embrace whatever shows up for you at this time even if it’s negative because it’s showing up for a reason and that’s so you can learn and grow from it!

See you in the next blog, bye.

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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