Strawberry Super Full Moon

Hello, apologies that it’s been a while! I don’t really have any excuses other than struggling for inspiration at the moment to write, but I am back now for this month’s Full moon!

Okay so I’m my last blog Super Flower Blood Moon I mentioned that we are currently in “eclipse season” and that continues with this Strawberry Super moon. This full moon will be reaching its peak at 12:51 PM in the UK, and this this moon will be in Sagittarius, this sign is ruled under Jupiter. This full moon can also be known as “Rose moon” or “Hot moon” due to it coming around when the weather starts to get warmer with the summertime and occurs in the same month as the summer solstice.

Super moon

So being that this is the 2nd super moon we are entering, what can we expect? We can expect for emotions and situations to be heightened in all aspects of our lives, this can be positive or sometimes negative but is all for a greater purpose for you. Super moons heighten the energy of astrological events happening at that time, so full moon are already really powerful times and as this moon will be in Sagittarius which is a fire sign and this super moon is bringing a lot of abundance and consistency this month, and as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, this planet is going to bring a lot of energy as well and this planet is known for “growth & optimism” these all are heading to very positive outcomes if you work with the full moon this month and don’t get swept up in the heightened madness eclipses tend to bring. This Super moon is going to be a time to shake of that transformative energy that we have had for a couple of months and move into embracing the new journeys and experiences waiting for us.

Sagittarius sign

So this Super moon is exciting for me personally as my moon sign is in Sagittarius! So what we know about Sagittarius sign is that they are ruled under the fire element. this can be very positive or destructive for most Sagittarians as they can feel things a lot stronger than other signs, like with most fire signs. Now what does this mean in terms of this Full moon? This full moon being in Sagittarius can mean that it is going to bring strong energy to go and achieve goals or take time doing what you really love and are passionate about. They also can be impulsive and impatient which could cause clashes with situations or people in your life during this heightened time, but you just have to be conscious of why this may be happening and find ways to maybe avoid confronting or stress inducing situations at that time.

Full moon practices

So as this Super moon is going to be heavily influenced by the fire element so a way to honour this moon would be to maybe light some candles or have a bonfire under the moonlight. Journaling could be a great way to celebrate the full moon and let it influence and motivate you with this Sagittarius energy, going for a walk in nature, cleansing/charging crystals under the moon, spell work/ witchcraft, making moon water could also be a fun way to connect and work with this moon. Of course probably the most powerful way you can work with this Super moon would be manifestation and meditation, I can’t stress it enough how rare these kinds of eclipse seasons happen and we have to make the most of it and work with the moon during these events to get what we want and tell the universe what we want. My full moon routine is normally going for a walk or hike and talking to the universe/ the moon and just speaking whatever I feel so strongly about or really want to do, or if I’m struggling at that time just asking for guidance and revelations on things I’m uncertain about. I always feel connected to something higher and knowledgeable in those moments.

Okay that’s all I have for this blog, I hope this was interesting or inspiring to do something this full moon to celebrate. These astrological events really are powerful and have huge universal shifts, whether we feel it in the moment or later on in the year. I hope you can remember that and connect and channel this Super full moon eclipse season and the upcoming full moon!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed and (hopefully) I will be back soon with another blog!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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