Super Flower Blood Moon

Hello! So it’s been a while but I’m back! I apologise this one will be short as I have Covid and not really feeling like myself. That being said I knew I had to write today as this month’s full moon is coming up this Monday, May 16th at 12:14 AM, in the UK!

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Okay so this month is exciting as this full moon is ‘Full super flower blood moon’! This is because if you read my previous last month blog on the full moon Pink Full Moon, we are in an eclipse season at the moment which is bringing some powerful universal shifts!

Okay so this Full flower moon is called this due it being that transitional period between spring/ summer and all the flowers being out and growing strong.

Now because this is a super moon, this time is going to be even more emotionally charged than your average full moon, which can be overwhelming enough as it is! This is the 1st of four super moons to come which is quite a spectacular celestial event we can all look forward too over the coming months! This is a very important and amazing time for us to really look inside ourselves and manifest what our souls desire or release whatever it is that does not serve us anymore.

Now this Full moon is also called the “blood moon” and that is because of the eclipse as a total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is completely shadowed by the earth causing it too look red.

Now this month’s moon is in Scorpio, and this is rued by the element of water and is known for being emotional, intuitive also courageous, creative, loyal sign. So this can give us some indication of what may come up for us during this period. We will be strongly drawn to our passions and a real want to go after what we might have been to worried to do before or even discovering something new!

Lunar eclipses bring forward to light cycles that we get stuck in emotional or in our lives that have been holding us back to give us the chance to sever them. It gives us the time too go after things that start new cycles, step us out of our comfort zones and help us in reaching the potential of our soul self. This is all very in alignment with Scorpio’s influence and affect with this moon as well.

We also have to remember that we are in Taurus season until the 20th May. Now Taurus is ruled by the earth element which is connected to nature, money, creativity, family and grounding. So you may have also felt a stronger pull to perhaps changing jobs or focusing more on family and getting back in touch with nature and the earth which is great and will have an affect this full moon.

Lunar eclipse’s don’t happen too often, but we have 4 upcoming, so I hope you take the time to appreciate what an amazing time it is to witness these astrological/celestial events, embrace and take full advantage of these coming days! There are special things happening right now and you are alive to experience it even though I know the world seems crazy and out of control, know there is a reason and purpose for everything.

Thank you for reading and hope you fully embrace, manifest, heal and grow with this Super flower moon!

Happy Full moon.

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