Pink Full Moon

Hello! I’m back! (Another blog of me apologising for being gone so long) I’ve been really busy moving into my flat but I’ve decided to come back to talk today about this month’s upcoming full moon!

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Okay so in the UK this Pink full moon will be occurring on the 16th April, it will be at full peak at 7:55pm and is in the sign of Libra.

This Full moon is named the “pink moon” after the Phlox plant that blooms in North America which (obviously) is a pink plant and as this is the first full moon of spring, and so it was decided to call it Pink Full Moon.

Also this Full Moon is in the sign of Libra! This sign is connected to the air element which could symbol a change in your environment or life. This sign is also very connected to family, friends and protecting the relationships dearest to you.

Okay so what have we got in store for us this Full moon? Well this is the last full moon before the chaos of the eclipse season beginning with the upcoming new moon at the end of this month!

This Full moon is a special one being that it is the first of spring, bringing in the spring season energy, so a lot of of people may want to go for walks and embrace nature more than usual.

Like I mentioned, this full moon is in the sign of libra this month which is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is very family focused and relationships are shined a light on, this can be positive or negative depending on the person but will seem to be clearer to you on what or who is important to you in your life.

There is also a Neptune- Jupiter conjunction currently happening in Pisces, this is calling on your spiritual path and growth to possibly discover new passions that set your soul on fire or bring a lot of more inspiration into your life!

We also have got an exciting astrological event taken place on the 20th April just a few days after the full moon where you will be able to see Jupiter, Venus, Mars Saturn align with the waning crescent moon. This will be visible in our skies from the 20th but these planets may be in our sky just after the Full moon whilst they are aligning.

So what can we do to celebrate this full moon? Most Full moons are surrounded in energy of releasing what doesn’t serve you anymore so self work on what you want to change or release is perfect on a full moon. Writing down what you want to change or get rid off then burning this letter is a great practice.

As always, cleansing and charging your crystals under the moon is always a great way to honour the moon, moon meditations, yoga, visualisations, journaling, going for a walk and spell work are also great.

Okay that’s all I have to say and I hope this can be helpful or interesting. Thank you for reading and Happy Full Moon!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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