Crystals: Clear Quartz

Hello so I know I’ve done a few posts about crystals so far but I thought it would be nice to do a series dedicated to different crystals. So this post is going to be going into detail all about Clear Quartz Crystals and everything to know about this stone.

Macro-crystalline or cryptocrystalline

Okay so “Quartz” crystal is actually a larger terms for a certain shape of stone. This includes Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Ametrine, Smoky Quartz, Tiger’s eye, aventurine, Onyx, Agate and many other forms of crystal. Now even these are separated into two different categories ‘macro-crystalline or cryptocrystalline.

Macro-crystalline are crystals that are formed in a way that is to the human eye such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, smoky Quartz, Tiger’s eye, etc. Now cryptocrystalline/ microcrystalline crystals are forms that are so compacted of such minuscule crystals that it’s completely indistinguishable to the human eye. These crystals are Agate, Jaspers, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Onyx, etc.

Clear Quartz

Okay so Clear Quartz or sometimes referred to as ‘Rock Quartz’ is Quartz in it’s purest form, it is one of the most common minerals found on earth. It is composed of silicon and oxygen, Quartz mineral is also an important element in common rock such as Granite, Quartzite and even sedimentary stones such as Sandstone.

Quartz Uses & Purposes

Quartz crystal is known for its electronic benefits/ properties. This crystal can transform mechanical heat into electromagnetic energy, which also can be done in reverse. Quartz is very well known for being able to focus, amplify any energy it comes into contact with so it’s great with all forms of technology for these reasons. Electromagnetic energy (EMF) is becoming more obvious of its dangerous affects. So it could be a great idea to have this crystal near you if you are surrounded by a lot of technology or devices in your daily life.

Clear Quartz is a power healer and may be used to help any physical illness. It is believed to help with the immune system and circulation, because of its strong energy it can be used to bring balance back to the body helping headaches, vertigo, nausea, metabolic issues and exhaustion. Quartz can also be used to treat burns as it helps draw away pain from the injured area, it also can be used in an elixir to treat digestive issues or kidney/ bladder infections. (This elixir is not known to me but can be searched for).

Quartz is also great for programming which is why it’s amazing for meditation practices, personal growth and healing. You can channel Clear Quartz to focus on whatever you need, be it strength, protection, peace of mind, mind/ body healing. It truly is an amazing crystal and really shows why it is one of the most well known crystals around.

Clear Quartz Spiritual Uses

Okay so Clear Quartz is known as “The master healer” as it can truly help in so many areas of life such as spirituality which is one of the most important ways I personally believe.

I know I haven’t discussed Chakras yet on this blog but most healers or light workers believe you have 7 energy centres throughout your body, if they are not all aligned then this is when illnesses can arise due to spirituality imbalances as mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing work together as one.

Clear Quartz is an incredible stone as it actually can awaken all seven chakras at once. I truly believe this is why most beginners in spirituality should have this crystal as one of their first purchases as it’s incredibly helpful for alignment and awakening. Saying this, Clear Quartz is most helpful for opening up your Crown chakra, which is located at the top of your head. The Crown chakra connects us to universal knowledge, it controls our mentality and expanding our universal or world views. I believe this was probably one of my first chakras to open up after my awakening I just started questioning all the world or systemic beliefs and seeing things from a bigger picture, which I’m sure every human can relate to at some point in there lifetime.

Quartz Energy

I have mentioned this before which is something I never would have believed until personally experience, each crystal has there own ‘personality and energy’ individual to them, they all have something different to show and teach you.

Clear Quartz is like every crystal, in that it will only connect with you if that is the type of energy you are currently needing at that time which is why most people chose crystals when they feel a pull towards a certain one. Clear Quartz in my experience is a very peaceful stone, full of opportunity, transformation and healing. If you universally connected on a higher level then Quartz becomes a beacon for light, positivity, higher energy and can be used in daily practices to consistently higher your vibration.

Channeling Your Crystal

Finally I thought I would just add this, which not many think about often especially if they aren’t sure what they want out of there crystal. This is for all crystals but you can ‘channel’ your crystal for specific reasons if you have an idea of what you are hoping to get from your crystal, be that healing, clarity, spiritual advice, higher understanding etc.

The way that I would channel my crystal is to just sit with your crystal and meditate with it for a few minutes until you feel connected to it. Then you can talk out loud or visualise what you want from working with that individual crystal, this way you can sometimes get better results or answers if that’s what you’re looking for. (This can be done with multiple crystals at one time or if they want to meditate with more than one crystal for the same reason then this can be a great practice).

Okay thank you for reading this blog post! I hope this was helpful or informative for you, I don’t know when my next blog post for this series will be coming but if you liked this post then look out for the next post!

Also all information on this this blog came from, Wikipedia and spiritual/ witchcraft accounts via Instagram.

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