1st Full Moon Of 2022

Hello so here we are again for the first Full moon of 2022, also some information on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde tomorrow! The next few days are going to be exciting so let’s get into it.

So here in the Uk, January’s first Full moon is taking place at 11.48pm on the 17th January. This moon is often known as the ‘Full Wolf Moon’ because wolves can be heard howling after the scarcity for food during the winter.

Mercury Retrograde

Okay so we are going into the first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 as of 14th January until 4th February, so this time may be emotionally heightened for a lot of people with the Full Moon and retrograde happening in sync.

This retrograde will begin in Aquarius and will end in Capricorn! Aquarius is about communication and finding your voice to speak up, past miscommunications with people may resurface during this time but you have to remember to stay self aware and alert.

Capricorn is the sign of preparation, it’s a big sign for some life considerations and having a look at where you are going currently. This might be more centred around career/work decisions.

This time may be intense but a good time to just do some self reflection and not make any big choices without really doing some careful thinking, with all that being said, this should be a really positive time for shifting our mindsets and self evolution.

Full Wolf Moon

As you know this is the first Full moon of January, which some astrologers believe can determine how the year will play out astrologically! This Wolf Moon is in Cancer Star sign, notorious for bringing strong emotions.

The Full moon is always a great time to release what doesn’t serve you no longer or even people that no longer align with your values in your life. This moon is actually going to be a very positive time for most, bringing forward the energy of calmness and flexibility.

If you are spiritual, we may feel a close connection to the divine or ancestors, this could be a great time to acknowledge your them or relatives before you and all they have sacrificed, specifically maybe more female energies. You may feel there mothering/ nurturing presence around you during this time.

This will be a good time to do a lot of self healing work for yourself and working on any toxic dynamics you have happening in your life currently or in the past that are still affecting you from growing and becoming the best you possible! There also seems to be a focus around healing your inner child (be that trauma or life experiences) that may still subconsciously there, I know I personally have been think about this a lot so it’s interesting to hear that this full moon may be focusing on this.

Overall this Full moon should be really positive and a nice, peaceful lunar event. Some Full moon are just packed with all kinds of madness or crazy energies. Looks like that won’t be the case this month so it can be a good time to maybe look back at last year as well and see where you want this new year to go for you.

Celebrating the full moon

Finally how do we celebrate this Wolf moon? If anyone has read my previous blog posts about the moon then they probably know there are certain ways to bring in this astrological event.

There are many ways but some of the most known ways are to meditate under the moon or just thinking of the moon. You can embrace what energies this phase is bringing and just sit with it in meditation, this is a great way to practice also understanding each lunar phase.

Another way is to get out your crystals! If you are a crystal collector than you may already know, the full moon is a great time to charge your crystals and just re-energise them especially if they’ve been sitting on a shelf for a while! Just leave them outside overnight or on your windowsill where the moonlight can get to them. I personally never believed in this for a long time until I did it myself and must say it really works! They feel different and almost alive with energy. You can also cleanse your crystals during full moons, a main way of doing this is to just sit with your selected crystals and visualise white light flowing through them, this is also a powerful tool to get to understand your stones and how they affect you.

Another great way to celebrate the Full moon is to do some journaling, it can be a great opportunity to visualise or put what you want to come from this next lunar phase into the universe. This is good time to check in with yourself, spirituality, personal goals and release it to the universe to put that energy out.

Lastly of course another way is magic! The full moon is the perfect time for most spells and spell work. Witchcraft can be touch and go and you have to know that the spell your doing can be done under the full moon or if you possibly can channel the moon during your spell. Personally many spells I have done during the full moon, I will channel the moon as it’s a beautiful energy to add to your spells. Of course a lot of earth magic spells are great at this time as well as nature will all be heightened and affected by the moon at this time, especially the ocean and water.

Okay so that is it for this blog post! Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it. I would also like to add that the Full moon is different for everyone depending on your chart and zodiac signs. I just compile information from a few websites for spirituality or astrology, so you may not be affected in the ways I have stated here just due to your personal zodiac signs.

Okay see you in the next blog, Happy Full moon, and good luck this Mercury Retrograde!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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