Conspiracy Theories!

Hello so I apologise for it being such a long time since posting but life has been a bit hectic and I was struggling with serious writers block! But I’ve finally managed to sit down and write this next blog about conspiracy theories and how I discovered this world.

So the word ‘conspiracy’ comes from the Latin word Conspirare which means to ‘plot or agree’ and actually can be dated back to the 1950’s when it was used by the philosopher Sir Karl Popper.

It’s interesting because I’m sure we all know that the word ‘conspiracy’ is nowadays surrounded in so much ignorance and discredit. Which is really funny because it’s the entire point of the existence of conspiracy theories so it’s almost contradictory of how it is treated. In this world many people who even dare to talk about about conspiracy theories will be laughed at and humiliated unless it’s spoken about as a joke out of fear.

Okay so I discovered conspiracies really young when I was 13 years old and honestly it terrified and shocked me beyond what I could mentally contemplate at that age. So at this time there was a joke in my school that if someone said something shocking everyone would shout ‘Illuminati confirmed!’ And to us 13 yr olds it was hilarious! One night I was on YouTube and saw this video about the Illuminati so I clicked on it because I had heard about through school but didn’t know what it meant and it showed me all these celebrities that were ‘under Illuminati/ government control’. I was shocked but didn’t really believe it, then another day I remember watching this video of this reporter’s eyes changing because she was reptilian and then it sent me to the infamous video of Justin Bieber during his mugshot where his eyes shape-shifted and this was proof of Illuminati control. As a child I was traumatised and still remember going for a drive in the car later that night and being absolutely terrified of everything and not sleeping.

These are the very first vivid memories I have of discovering these conspiracy theories but I remember the trauma of those videos put me off for a long time and I didn’t read into any conspiracies for a long time to come. A year a two later I started watching alien conspiracies and before then I had never even thought of aliens as anything other than ‘Hollywood fiction’ as I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a very Christian household and had never seen any documentaries on Ufology. So I started watching paranormal and Ufo shows when I was about 15 and was hooked on the idea of something bigger than us being out there. At this age I don’t think I really believed in anything and I just had this real interest and curiosity but was not a believer.

So I continued with all this and then around 17 years old stumbled across my auntie watching this show Stranger Things on Netflix and I remember just being fascinated with Elevens’s character as I’d never watched a show like this before which has aliens, government conspiracies and telekinetic girls in it so I became obsessed! I then did some research on the show and couldn’t believe that this was based on real world situations. Basically Stranger things is loosely based on the government operation called ‘MK Ultra’ that started in the 50’s and there was a military site called Camp hero in Montauk, New York where supposedly they performed this Mk ultra experiment on unwitting soldiers under the name ‘Montauk project’. Now during this time the town kept having weird animals washing up onto the beaches around Montauk that were some kind of hybrid species and locals called it the ‘Montauk monster’. A lot of people believed these strange creatures were coming from Camp hero, Now these stories still continue today and there are still strange animals washing up on these beaches that cause a lot of conspiracists to believe Mk Ultra is still ongoing! This inspired the writers of Strangers Things to create the aliens in the show and the hero telekinetic girl ‘Eleven’ kidnapped by the government.

‘The Montauk Monster’

So I was 18 and I had a life changing shift that would really effect me… my spiritual awakening, and until now I don’t think I had seen how all these interests were for a higher purpose and meaning in life. So at 18 I was completely invested in the paranormal, be it ghosts, vampires, werewolves or aliens! I was obsessed which is completely normal for anyone who had an awakening as your entering a whole new world in a new vibration and energy that many people can’t resonate with. So as I was learning about spirituality my interest in these topics were growing strongly and my experiences with ghosts or aliens began to be a common theme in my life.

So it wasn’t until 2020 that I became a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and started really diving into this crazy world. 2020 was a big year for everyone and spiritually was the year where a lot of people would either wake up or stay stuck where they are unfortunately which is why it was such a monumentally insane year for all of us because that madness was meant to wake us up! So I won’t get to much into it as it’s ongoing but this pandemic was the huge push for me to get into the madness that is conspiracies and probably mainly because of the energy shift that had been caused through planetary alignments and spiritual awakenings, I just started to see through a whole lot of crap that was going on. I would say that as of now a lot of the world has had this exact same awakening and isn’t buying into the propaganda or lies anymore, but I just started to read into government conspiracies and constantly checking on astrological sites for that month so I could just see through what was being said in the media and on the news.

I’m not saying that I didn’t believe in what was being said just that I do not believe that all that is being said is truthful. There is so much that has happened in the last year that I don’t agree with and that’s coming from someone who has ended up becoming a serious germaphobic because of this pandemic. I believe there is a virus out there that is a problem but I don’t trust the government or it’s ways of handling this. There’s a lot of distrust and abuse of power happening at the moment that will be need to be addressed one day but I think most of us probably know this already and can see it for what it is.

Anyway I don’t really want to get into that but this pandemic that been a really huge reason for my research into conspiracies and trying to make sure I am alert to what is really going on because I refuse to be a a puppet in someone else’s game and will stand by that until the end as I personally don’t have a government, I have my spirituality and my higher knowledge to guide me. I have my own opinions on vaccines, masks and lockdown mandates but that should be the beauty of free will and I think a lot of people are beginning to open the curtains and see through a lot of these things.

To get back to the main topic! Conspiracies have been in my life for a long time whether I knew it or not, then this year I watched X Files for the first time! It was quite a journey and really helped because a lot of the main plot lines are based on real stories and conspiracies. It was fascinating to see something so outrageous nowadays being presented on Tv back in the 90’s.

Conspiracy theories, wether I believed them or not I realised that they keep you honest and open minded so that when insanity such as pandemics come your way, you can decipher your way through the truth and lies. There is so much more I could go into but I will save for another blog, I will leave you with this sentiment though. Conspiracy theories should not be shamed for there beliefs as 90% of the time you can bet there’s probably some truth to what is being said. There’s need to stop being this mob mentality around shutting down conspiracies and hating on people for enlightened enough to be able to see that most can’t, if there is any truth it’s that the word ‘conspiracy theory had been turned into its own conspiracy’ and that has to stop because freedom of speech is a right not something that should be allowed when the time is acceptable’

Anyway I know this was rather serious for some people and maybe a touchy subject but I felt the need to talk about this because it’s your life and what you make of it is decided by you and not government restrictions, politics or opinions. I am from the Uk so I cannot understand what pressure there is in the USA but I definitely understand government control and want to have healthy, honest discussions about it.

So thank you for reading this blog post and please feel free to comment on this blog post if you want to talk in more depth on this topic. I hope this was interesting for you or aligned with your beliefs. Talk to you soon!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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