New Moon In Sagittarius!

Hello so I’m back with another blog about the moon! Happy New moon everyone!

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Okay so this New moon is in…. Sagittarius! Yay it’s my new moon as I am a Sagittarius moon sign. The last couple of days have been rather crazy so I thought I would lend a hand to help understand what’s currently going on with the moon cycle.

So this Sagittarius New moon arrives tomorrow on 4th December 7:42 AM, Uk time. This moon is going to be even more special as we also are going into a Solar eclipse, this event will be the last New moon of 2021. This will also be the end of the Sagittarius/ Gemini new moon eclipse cycle that has been in continuum for the last 18 months as the south node leaves Sagittarius and the north node leaves Gemini. This will be the last we see of this astrological event until 2029!

So Sagittarius rules the aspects of our life to do with adventure, higher education, travelling and our belief systems. Now Gemini rules the aspects to do with communication, mental processing and the minds consciousness. So as you can tell this New moon eclipse is going to be a rather powerful one!

Rediscovering communication

Okay so this new moon eclipse with the heavy Gemini influence, we are going to relearn how to communicate but in the ways that work best for us. This is showing us what we’ve learnt through the past 18 months of eclipses, expressing individual creativity, self expression and sense of freedom that our soul truly needs and deserves, this will be communicated to others around you this eclipse.

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This New moon eclipse is a transitional period, it’s the end of one phase and the beginning of another! Mercury and Neptune are currently active which bringing a sense of revelation and understanding as too what this 18 months period of eclipse mean for each of us. Neptune is the planet of intuition and as it is active, it will be guiding us in learning to trust our gut and trust what it tells us in these current times. The asteroid ‘Chiron’ is also active at this time which brings the energy of healing for ourselves and other relationships in our lives.

Solar eclipse are powerful events that are surrounded in transformational energy and elevates the vibrations on earth during these events. So it’s a beautiful time to do a lot of self evaluation and releasing what doesn’t serve you or you do not wish to have in your life anymore.

New moons are a great time to journal to implement this self transformation, meditation, praying, spell work, cleansing your crystals, stargazing or doing new moon crystal grids (this is where you write your intentions on paper under a grid and put crystals in a pattern of your choosing, meditate and charge these intentions). There are many different ways to celebrate the new moon which all really depends on your preferences.

This was a short blog post but hopefully it was helpful and interesting. The past couple of days have been all over the place for me, I love to come and read up on the moon and continue understanding each phases to help me understand myself better and my spiritual wellbeing. The moon never fails to be an explanation for most events in a our lives when things get crazy! We are more connected than we could ever imagine sometimes.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate all the support as of late of this blog is finally getting some attraction and I’m very grateful for everyone who reads one of my blogs! Talk to you guys soon.

Happy New Moon Eclipse! 🌑

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