Zodiac Signs

Hello so I’m back again with a blog about zodiac signs but this time about individual signs. It took me a while to understand and learn each sign but now I’ve decided to write a blog about it. Hopefully this helps you and please feel free to read my previous post Astrology & Your Chart about how I became interested in astrology!

So to begin I thought I should explain the houses as they are key in your zodiac.

Most astrological systems divide the horoscope into a number of 12 houses, although some astrologers would disagree based on where they are in the world. The houses of the horoscope represent different fields of experience and this is how the planets and signs operate together. Of course physical surroundings as well as personal life experiences are impacted on this as well.

Every house is also connected with a zodiac sign that is impacted by the rotational movement of the Earth on its axis. There are many ways to determine how to calculate the houses in ones chart but overall it is agreed that you must know your time, date and location of birth to accurately depict your chart. If actual time of birth is unknown, in natal astrology some astrologers will go off birth time set for sunrise or moon, although this it could be accurate, it should be taken as a estimation of what your chart is.

So I know I’ve gone into this before but I didn’t like the way I explained it so I will over it again which is sun, moon and rising signs.

Okay so your Sun/ Star sign is your main zodiac that most people will be familiar with as it’s the most talked about or promoted in a mainstream sense. Your Sun/ Star sign is connected to how you act on a natural level. It is your personality traits that are constant regardless of life experiences good or bad.

Next is your Moon sign, now this is connected with you at an emotional level. It is to do with your emotional traits, how you are in all of life’s relationships and your own intuition. Now surprisingly your moon sign does affect some people far more than any of there other signs as it’s emotion based and linked to the lunar cycles which is connected to all lunar events such as full moons/ new moons and eclipses. This can really cause ‘periodic insanity’ for some people which created the word ‘lunatic’.

Finally you have your Rising/ Ascendent sign, this is connected to how you present yourself to the world and other people. The general impression you leave on others and your spontaneous reactions to situations. so as your moon sign represents the ‘inner you’ your Rising sign represents the ‘outer you’ that you show the world.

I hope this little breakdown helps make it more clear and a better understanding of ‘the big 3’ signs in your zodiac chart.

Aries Symbol

Okay so firstly we have Aries! This sign is ruled under the 1st house, People born under this sign are March 21th- April 19th babies. Aries are fire signs and there ruling planet is Mars, they are very outgoing and confident people. They can often be mistaken for being insensitive because of their ‘up in the clouds’ way about them but they deep thinkers and can be very self aware. They also have tendencies to be impatient, headstrong and want to rush into things that they are passionate about. Overall they are great people and just are misunderstood as the ‘Ram’.

Taurus Symbol

Next up is Taurus! Now I am a Taurus myself so this one is close to my heart! This sign is ruled under the 2nd house and people under this sign are April 20th- May 20th babies. Taurus are an Earth sign and are ruled under the planet Venus. Taurians are very ‘down to earth’ people and can tend to be more laid back and can enjoy the material lifestyle. They are caring, devoted, goal driven and great listeners with big hearts to give to those closest to them. Taurus do also struggle with being famously stubborn, stuck in there ways, opinionated and although seem relaxed can get angry and let there ‘inner bull’ out sometimes.

Gemini! This sign is ruled under the 3rd house, people born under this sign are May 21st- June 20th babies. Gemini are Air signs and ruled under the planet Mercury. Gemini people are logical, live communication, and can be very conscious of there minds. They can be very curious about life and can easily see two sides to every situation. With this they can also be distracted, flighty, restless and struggle to stick to plans or commitments. Overall they are great people with lots to give!

Cancer Symbol

So next up is Cancer signs! This sign is ruled in the 4th house and people born under this sign are June 21st- July 21st babies. Cancerians are water signs and are ruled under The Moon. Cancer people are veery kind, nurturing, intuitive and protective. They also can be very emotional given that they are water signs ruled the the moon, each phases affect them stronger than others at times. They also very much rely on there emotions to make decisions making them quite irrational but subtle and can have a lack of thought process in situations.

Leo Symbol

Leo! This sign is ruled in the 5th house and people born under this sign are July 23rd-August 22nd babies, Leo’s are fire signs and are ruled under The Sun. Leo’s are very confident, assertive, creative and passionate people, they are very trustworthy and stand by there word as there bond! They can shine with there courage and wisdom at times as well. With all this confidence can cause a want for self indulgence, they can be stubborn and controlling in there nature too.

Virgo Symbol

Next is Virgo, now I don’t know many Virgo’s in my own life so this is completely going off the internet and what I’ve studied. This sign is ruled in the 6th house and people born under this sign are August 23rd- September 22nd babies and are Earth signs, Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos are very specific people and appreciate details in everything, they are compelled to a want to help others and are great humanitarians! They are very generous, ambitious but can also be very skeptical, fussy and inflexible.

Libra Symbol

Libra! Now I know this sign well! This sign is under the 7th house and people born under this sign are September 23rd- October 22nd babies and the planet they are ruled under is Venus, they are Air signs. Libras are justice signs meaning that they want the outcome in all situations and strive for balance. They are very proud signs and will speak there truth no matter who it involves, a fighter for the unjustified! (Hence the scales as there symbol) with this comes quite a temper, aggression and frustration if not heard out. (Honestly this is the kind of person you want to be on the good side of!) overall they are lovely people who a loyal and caring with those closest to them.

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio! This sign is ruled in the 8th house and people born under this sign are October 23rd- November 21st babies. Scorpio are special because are ruled under two planets! Pluto and Mars are the ruling planets of this sign which makes this extra strong, and of course this Scorpio is ruled under the water sign. Scorpios are run by very strong emotions and are always searching for transformation and evolving, they are very passionate, organised and always have big goals! They can also be very persuasive, deep minded and great at detecting lies.

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius! This sign is ruled in the 9th house and people born under this sign are November 22nd- December 21st babies. Sagittarius are ruled under the planet Jupiter, and is a fire sign. Sagittarians are independent, free spirited, philosophical, blunt, idealistic, funny people with a strong want for freedom at all times. They are very honest at times with strong morals and can be perceived as forthright and affirmative and serious to some people but this is all caused by there need for honest people and reality. Overall they are great people!

Capricorn Symbol

Capricorn is next and they are ruled in the 10th house, people born under this sign are December 22nd- January 19th babies. Capricorn’s are ruled under Saturn and are Earth signs, these people are very realistic, disciplined, ambitious and practical people. Capricorn’s have a sense of social morals over concern and can struggle with anxiety. They have a very cautious nature but still have great ambitions and can be very driven in what they are passionate about, it just may take them more time to get there “slow and steady wins the race” could not be a more accurate phrase for the people!

Aquarius Symbol

Next is Aquarius! This sign is under the 11th house and people born under this sign are January 20th- February 18th babies. Now this is another sign with two planets ruling it, Uranus and Saturn which is an interesting mix, Aquarius is also a Air sign. Aquarian’s are quite a fun sign as they are extremely outgoing, social, spontaneous, rebellious and confident. They are real social butterflies and can start conversations with just about anyone! They can seem to be emotionally detached due to there eccentric nature but are real humanitarians and would help everyone if they could.

Pisces Symbol

Finally! Pisces is the last sign of the houses and is in the 12th house. People born under this sign are February 19th- March 20th babies, they ruled under planet Neptune and is a water sign. Pisces very lives up to its nature being that theses people are very in touch with emotions of themselves and others, they have a strong depth to them that make them seem very mystical and you may never truly know what a Pisces is thinking. They are very dreamy, relaxed, imaginative, sensitive people who can be really affected by there environment. They are very loyal, trustworthy, people and can tolerate a lot, due to there dreamy ways they can be rather unrealistic very much unaware of world problems at times. They are great people to be around when you need a break from chaos!

Okay that’s all of the signs in the order of houses, now these signs personality traits will the same for your Sun/moon signs, so these traits will stay relatively the same regardless if you are looking for your Sun sign, moon sign or rising sign.

So that’s it and this took me a really long time to finish so I apologise for the long wait for a new blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading about each sign and it was interesting or helpful for you. Thank you for reading.

~ The information on house systems and charts came from Wikipedia. ~

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