My Magickal journey So Far!

Hello so today I’m back with another post and I’m really excited and nervous to write this blog post, as it is something I’m truly passionate about and is an important part of my life but also something I like to keep close to me and don’t really share with many which is my journey with witchcraft!

“When the roots are deep, there’s no reason to fear the wind”

Okay so this is a bit of a long winded story and has had its ups and downs, but my experience with witchcraft has been quite life changing for me and I couldn’t imagine my life without it anymore.

So my journey began a few years ago when I had already had my spiritual awakening but was really unaware of what that might look like for me, or who I was as this new person. So somewhere down that line maybe 3 years ago I started watching The Vampire Diaries and before this I had never watched anything mythical or magical at all so it was a whole new world of tv for me that I absolutely fell in love with. I loved the idea of living forever or being powerful and I really loved watching all the magic and spells, I was really fascinated and felt so drawn to it. After that those were the only theme of shows or films that I would watch for a long time!

Now I was already collecting crystals at this point and learning about psychics and for a moment believed that this who I was meant to be. I then began watching The originals which was the spin off from The Vampire Diaries and witchcraft was far more acknowledged in that show and seemed to be respected as a real craft, so I decided to look into it as I honestly believed none of it was real my whole life as I’d been a witch for almost every Halloween as a kid I just believed it to be fake and mythical.

When I began looking into it I started researching certain spells or phrases they used in the originals and was surprised to learn that they had a real witch guiding them through terminology while writing the show. So a lot of it was accurate and I started learning about protection spells, incantations and the elements. It was a whole new world for me and I absolutely loved it so I began learning the history, religion and all about covens and the structure. I really believe all this knowledge shifted the way I saw the world and I went into this in Lessons From Nature about my views and experiences with nature and the earth, but a lot of this was because of my found love of witchcraft and learning that everything is energy therefore everything is connected really empowered me and taught me something I hope too always carry with me and keep in mind.

So I think it was a couple months after learning all this that I started practicing and having fun exploring what I enjoyed doing and learning what did and didn’t work for me.

I actually was very nervous going into witchcraft as I did grow up in a religious household and that was in the back of my mind for a long time until I became more confident and knew what I was doing fully. So I began by just working with nature, crystals and tea magic (potions) but sort of energising your tea through the herbs, I also continued studying incantations, runes/sigils and different types of magic. I really think this helped me as I learnt all types of different magic before even doing a spell so I could find out what I love and what works best for me.

So it actually wasn’t until April 2020 that I did my first real spell as at this point I was ready and I had figured out what type of magic works for me which was earth magic, which is working with plants, trees, crystals, herbs or earth runes. So my first spell I did is one I created on my own which I’m really proud of and it was a protection spell, that I still use as it works well for me. Once I had done my first spell I definitely recognised a change in myself, a new found excitement and really got a deeper understanding of the craft and how us humans work in unison with this planet.

It’s been a year and a half since that moment and I’ve had a lot of moments of good and bad, I’ve gone back and forth with different types of magic and am still studying the craft as I believe there’s never ending knowledge and lessons. So I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences and learnt so much more than I think I even realise sometimes.

I know witchcraft does have a dark cloud over it due to it’s name and can be dismissed as devil worship or nonsense. Even I believed that once but through open mindedness I realised that it is something very beautiful and I think this clicked when I was studying the 5 star pentagram which is now abused by graffitiing and ignorance, it’s the symbol of the elements of the nature working in balance. When I learnt this I remember being mind blown and appreciating nature myself even more.

As of today, I would say I’m pretty confident in my craft and know what I enjoy doing and what I do/ don’t agree with. There’s many different types of witches out there who all have different skills and connect with things differently, but for me I would say that I’m an elemental witch. This means that I’ve just learnt that I’m not good with lots of different tools but love connecting to nature, mostly earth or water I would say. I believe this is truly important when going into witchcraft because if you don’t enjoy or resonate with what you’re practicing then it’s probably not going to go the way you want it too.

Okay so that’s all for today’s post and this has been really nerve wrecking writing this, I hope this was interesting or insightful… thank you for reading and I may do more posts on this if enough of you want me too.

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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