Types Of Crystals Pt 2

Hello so I’m back with some more crystals! These will all be from my personal experiences with these stones and a few facts on how to use them.

Shunghite Crystal

So firstly we will start with Shunghite crystal, now I discovered while me and my auntie were creating Epsom bath salts, and she told me about Shunghite and it’s many properties and purposes that could be great in bath salts such as it’s amazing way that it can help remove electromagnetic frequencies in modern day electronic devices. After that I then started researching it even more and was coincidentally hearing about it, so I decided to go and buy some.

Shunghite crystal was originally discovered in Russia, near a village called Shunga. The main deposit was in Lake Onega. The villagers discovered this crystal because they realised they could drink from the lake without getting sick, now this is because Shunghite crystal is actually a natural water purifier, so the lake was purified by the stone at the bottom of the water. Since then Shunghite has been discovered all over the world and some found to be formed by volcanoes as well.

I thought I would give a little back story to Shunghite as I think it’s actually really interesting and fascinating to learn about the origins of these crystal from times long gone! So some of the benefits of this crystal are that it’s great for water purification so if your a serious hiker or traveller maybe carry some of this crystal on you in you run out of water, It’s great for EMF protection (so maybe put this crystal around your tv, laptop, or maybe get a shunghite bracelet for when your on your phone. It can also improve your energy levels, soothe insomnia and is great for your Root chakra, which is your first chakra connecting you to earth and grounding you.

Bloodstone Crystal

Next is Bloodstone! Now this is a truly amazing stone and I discovered it nearly two years ago. I heard about it whilst I was going through some serious anxiety and was having chest pain, so I heard that it can help with anxiety and is a protective stone so I went and got some. In my experience it’s a ‘quiet’ crystal so not going to hit you with a ton of energy but nether less a beautiful energy and did help me to calm down but I mainly put it under my pillow because at that time I was having a lot of panic attacks at night.

Just a heads up, I did have to do a bit of research on this stone as it has been a while but still a crystal that I love. So firstly it’s called bloodstone for some pretty amazing reasons as this crystal focuses more on the physical body than our spirit/energy body. Bloodstone is great for your immune system to help purify the blood, liver, kidneys, bladder (blood rich organs) and eliminating toxins from the body.

There are testimonials recorded for thousands of years of the benefits of this crystal in dealing with nose bleeds, wounds and haemorrhages. This is probably because of the Iron Oxide in the stone. Also in Europe in the Middle Ages they would powder down this crystal with honey and egg to draw out snake venom, reduce tumours and staunch haemorrhages! This is one incredible stone!

It’s also great in giving you courage, heightens your intuition, helps to repel negativity, and this crystal is best for the Root and Heart chakras.

Obsidian Crystal

So the next crystal we will be talking about is Obsidian! This stone is formed also because of volcanoes when the lava cools rapidly which creates this volcanic glass, and the that’s what obsidian is.

I discovered obsidian by just reading about it online and and hearing of it so one day I went to the crystal shop and found some. The man in the shop said it was great if your going on long journeys or car rides because obsidian is a very protective stone. So it was actually a bit of an accident by buying this stone but I’m glad I did as it’s the stone I use the most, it comes with me everywhere I go so it will either be in my bag or pocket as it’s great for anxiety as well as being a protective stone.

Obsidian is a shamanic stone which means that it is very much great for spiritual and mental wellbeing and less for physical. Obsidian is a talisman of sorts as it helps people to see themselves with clarity, truth and your own subconscious. For this reason it is called a ‘mirror stone’ because it reflects who you truly are to help you be who you’re meant to be. There are many different types of obsidian, I currently own snowflake obsidian but there is also rainbow, peacock, mahogany and silver sheen obsidian. This stone is great for the base, and root chakras.

Malachite Crystal

Finally we have Malachite crystal which is personally the most beautiful and almost alien looking stone known as ‘The stone of transformation’ and is one of the oldest known stones known for healing and transformation, there is history of this this stone all over over the world from Egypt and being used by pharaohs, to 15th century Europe by villagers. It’s truly an incredible and amazing stone.

I discovered Malachite just over a year ago as it caught my eye because of how beautiful it looks and the patterns are incredible, something you expect on an alien planet or in an alien movie! So I found this crystal and then began looking into it and never thought I would ever get some but loved reading about it and felt very pulled towards it. One day I went into the crystal shop and to my shock, they had Malachite in the store! So I was so happy but waited as it was expensive. One day I decided to get my cousin a crystal as something just told me to get some and I realised now is a great time to get some malachite so I went back to the crystal shop and got both of us Malachite. It truly is a powerful stone and you instantly can feel the energy from the minute you hold the crystal which I found amazing, I know I will have this crystal for a very long time!

So Malachite crystal is actually an amazing crystal for mind, body and spirit as some crystals aren’t for all three. So firstly it is great if you are going through trauma or bad anxiety, also can help you break bad patterns or habits. This crystal can also help women with menstrual cycle, cramps and helps with labour. It can help lower blood pressure, epilepsy, nausea, strengthen your immune system, remove toxins from your skin and helps with environmental pollutants. Malachite is nontransparent which means it absorbs energy instead of emitting energy. So Malachite is great for purification and is similar is obsidian as it is also a ‘mirror into the subconscious’ and can help show you where you are going wrong or your personal traits, making this an amazing meditation stone. This is a really earthy crystal that is great for earth signs or people who have or want a deep connection to nature and Mother Earth. Malachite is great for the heart chakra, bringing you back to kindness and love in all situations.

Okay that’s all the crystals I have for now but I may make another post on more as this was really educational for me too and really interesting!

I’m not sure how to currently add websites or link sites but if you want to know, I got most of my information for this blog post on the website Crystalvaults.com as they have the most amazing facts and information so if you were crystal about a crystal I talked about then please go check there website out for more information!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was interesting and maybe helped you decide if you want to buy one of these crystals as they are really incredible and have some great healing properties to them!

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