Astrology & Your Chart

Hello so I’m back today with a new post about astrology and how I discovered and became interested in it! It’s a long story so I hope you enjoy.

So I began my journey into learning about astrology after my own personal spiritual awakening as before that I had never really thought much about star signs or the moon/planetary alignments.

I actually started becoming interested just over two years ago when I was 18, going through counselling and struggling with severe anxiety when I discovered this new world. I was researching different crystals and their benefits when I came across birthstones which are the crystals that connect best with your star sign. I found out I am a Taurus, So I went and found what crystals are best for Taurians and then I stumbled across moon signs. It was this rabbit hole that helped me understand who I am on a deeper level emotionally, spiritually and physically.

It helped me better understand who I am as a person and I found I truly resonated with being a Taurus and knew that’s who I am. I soon realised I’ve always attracted other Taurians into my life as all my best or close friends were all Taurians, which makes sense as it’s a well known that we tend to stick together! I began to learn about other star signs, there personalities and who we are all most compatible with. This really helped me learn to see people with a new perspective, understanding and really helped my anxiety I was struggling with at the time.

It wasn’t until the pandemic last year that I found I had a real fascination for not just zodiac signs but astrology as I started following channels on YouTube who did monthly star sign readings that I learnt about the planets and how there placements affect each of our signs. How planets going direct or retrograde affect our emotional, physical and spiritual actions in life. I also started educating myself about the moon and how each phase has an impact on us as beings in this universe.

So everyone is born under a star sign, moon sign, and a rising sign which are to do with the planetary alignments at the time you were born on your horoscope. Your star sign (also know as your sun sign) is the first and arguably most important sign in your chart, it is connected to your personality and how you act in situations in life generally, positive or negative. You can find this out based on your day & month of birth.

Next is your moon sign which is not as well known and can be a little more confusing but is the second most important sign in your horoscope, this sign is to do with your emotions. It helps reveal your emotional side and how you connect with other people positively or negatively. This is determined by the time you were born which can be difficult for some people if they do not know that time, such as I believed my moon sign was in cancer until I found out my real time of birth and I’m actually a Sagittarius moon.

Finally you have your rising sign which is connected to your social personality and how you are around people, some astrologers believe this is the most important sign as it can show how your childhood formed and how you present yourself in the world currently. You can also find out your rising sign through knowing your time of birth.

These are often called ‘the big 3’ and you can understand why as these three help you to understand who you are as a whole being. It’s a really interesting and fascinating journey when you learn about these and can help someone a lot who is struggling to find there identity or place in this world as I know it has helped me.

So next up is planetary alignments! Now this can get a little confusing but here is what I have learnt so far about this.

Planetary alignments are really important events that take place that can affect earth and can shift the energy to cause a shake up and may be the reasons behind a lot of anger, wars, things falling into place, peace or spiritual awakenings.

A huge alignment we had this year was the Mercury/ Mars conjunction on August 19th which caused a big shift in energy. Now it isn’t always planets as the moon has a huge affect on us, as the full moon is when the moon is aligned directly on the opposite side of the sun. The new moon is when the moon is directly aligned with the sun. These are all very big events that happen in our solar system, and astrologers believe they play a big part in the universe and the Earth’s natural balance.

I have a strong fascination with the moon and alignments having an affect on our planet makes complete sense when you consider that the moon controls the oceans, the sun controls the plants, our body is made up of 70% water so surely we are connected and controlled by the moon in some form just as not getting enough sun can cause extreme imbalance in our bodies. Everything is connected more than we know in an incredibly amazing way.

Anyway thank you for reading this post and I hope this was interesting in some way or made you think a little deeper about our universe!

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Hello I’m Emily, I’m 21 yrs old and I’ve created this blog because I’ve always loved writing and this is a place to write about my passions such as spirituality, crystals and astrology.

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