Types Of Crystals

Hello so I’m back again with another post and I’ve decided to talk about crystals but certain ones that I own, what their purposes are and my experience with each of them!

So this is a sort of follow up from my other post My Experience With Crystals where I talked about how I discovered them and which ones I have. So today I’m going to talk about each individual crystal.

Clear Quartz Crystals

So the first crystal is Clear Quartz!

The first crystal I brought seriously for real interest was clear quartz, and I feel this is a common one for most people. I brought I a piece similar to the picture above nearly two years ago and I loved it! I was so excited to have my own and always put it under my pillow or held it during a meditation. I don’t use it as often anymore but I still get it out my crystal box sometimes and sit with it.

Clear Quartz is called “The master healer” and it could not be a more accurate phrase. This stone although the most popular, there’s a reason for it and that’s because it has a use in every situation. Clear Quartz is a high vibration stone which means that it can amplify any intentions that you have, this is why it’s great for meditation. This crystal is also special because it can charge, activate other crystal close by, this stone is also amazing as it’s connected to all of the chakras.

Rose Quartz Crystals

In my first post about crystals I mentioned when I was little I brought my first crystal on a school trip to a museum, that crystal was rose Quartz. Funny as it’s my star signs birthstone!

So Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that is a harmonising and peaceful stone. It’s known as the stone of unconditional love, as it emits strong vibrations of love, which create emotional healing. This crystal is so closely connected to matters of the heart that it is great to use when clearing the heart chakra. Physically Rose Quartz is said to help your immune system and great at balancing out the entire body.

Amethyst Crystal

Next up is Amethyst, now I use amethyst quite often as I often reach out to it as I famously can be quite an anxious person. I believe this was the second crystal that I brought when I was struggling a few years back with severe panic attacks and constantly had chest pains and this crystal was with me a lot.

So if you haven’t already guessed, Amethyst is a great stone for people who have anxiety as it’s strongly attached to peace, serenity and balance. A very emotional based crystal that focusing on your spiritual and mental state and releasing emotions. Amethyst is also great for breaking bad habits and addictions you want to quit, this crystal is a mainly an important stone of your are wanting a deeper spiritual connection and I personally found when I first got this stone after meditating with it after a week I had such strong intuition and a clarity of myself. This isn’t so surprising as amethyst is connected to the third eye chakra, Which is the chakra of spiritual awakening, clarity and intuition. The best way I have found to integrate this crystal into your life is to put under your pillow for dream work, meditation, or put in your purse/pocket when you are out. Amethyst is an overall beautifully peaceful intuitive crystal!

Selenite Crystal

Selenite… is possibly in my top list for favourite crystals! I absolutely love this crystal and think it’s just looks like something that belongs in some magical cave. I can’t remember when I discovered selenite was when I kept hearing people talk about about through videos I would watch on YouTube and went down to my local crystal shop and found a beautiful peace in a heart shape and of course I had to buy it! Now I got this crystal when I was learning the spiritual benefits of crystals and I had read a lot about it being connected to angels. So I basically just brought this stone because it looks pretty and was fascinated but that’s sometimes when you find the best crystals out of curiosity. I find myself too many times looking for crystals for a specific purpose instead of just listening to what calls to me.

Now selenite like I already mentioned is strongly angels and is said to be great in meditation for guidance from your spirit guides and angels. Selenite is also great for cleansing a persons aura which is connected to your souls being. It is also very closely connected to Clear Quartz crystal as it also can charge and activate other crystals around it and can be used in cleansing all seven chakras. Another great thing about this stone is that it is great for dream work, so similar to what I was saying about guidance from spirit guides, if you sit with your crystal before you go to bed and ask for some help with something you are struggling with and then put this crystal under your pillow, you can have some dreams that have messages for you or some guidance. A few months ago I was struggling with terrible nightmares that was ongoing for a few days and I woke up one night and got my selenite and just asked for some peace from these nightmares, put it under my pillow and then I had slept perfectly after that. So I mainly use this crystal during meditation or if I want to receive some guidance while in sleeping.

So there you have it! Four crystals to help you out if you are struggling to know where to get started. I will probably do a follow up to this post with some more crystal that are less know that I own and what they are great for so let me know if you enjoyed reading this and if it was helpful! Thank you for reading.

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